How do I place an order or donate my points to charity?

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  1. Tap "Rewards" on the bottom of your screen to enter the webshop;
  2. Tap on the reward that you want to order or on the charity that you want to support;
  3. If you earned enough points for this item, you can add it to your cart;
  4. Be aware: every time you tap on an item, it is added to your cart (tapping 3 times = 3 items).
  5. Tap your cart in the top left corner. You will see all the items that you want to order.
  6. Tap "Proceed to check-out" at the bottom of the screen to order the items in your cart.
  7. Fill in your details and tap "Confirm details".
  8. Check your order before you continue. Is your order correct, then tap "Confirm order".
  9. You will see a screen that confirms your order. Your order will be sent within 8 to 14 business days.