How does the check-in feature work?

To earn points for your shared rides, you need to check-in for every ride, starting March 1st, 2021.

How does this work:

  1. Before the ride starts, the driver needs to check-in for this ride by tapping "Check in now". From this moment on, the ride cannot be edited anymore. Important: if the driver doesn't check-in for a ride, then the passengers aren't able to check-in and the ride cannot be registered. There will no points be distributed for this ride.
  2. After the drive has checked-in, the passenger(s) will get a notification to check-in as well. They can do this by tapping on the notification or to tap "Check in now" in the app.
  3. When the driver and at least 1 passenger has checked-in, the ride will be registered and the drives and passenger(s) will earn points for the ride. When the ride is finished, it will appear in the "Ride history". Here you can see which one of the passengers did check-in, and which passengers didn't check-in. Also, you can see how many points were earned per person.
  4. Do you have recurrent rides planned, don't forget to check-in for every single ride!

In case you haven't received points for your ride because you or the driver didn't check-in, unfortunately, we cannot give points for your ride afterward. Please be aware to check-in for every single ride that you will make and remind the driver to check-in as well.