I receive several suggestions for my rideshare. Which one should I choose?

Sometimes our algorithm finds only one suggestion for you and sometimes there are several. To access the ride suggestions, click on "View ride matches" below your rideshare: 


Choose your preferred suggestion based on:

  • whether you want to be the driver or the passenger,
  • whether there's a detour or not and how many minutes additional travel time the suggestion would result in,
  • how many points you will receive.40 alternatieve matches

By tapping on a suggestion, you can access detailed information about it.

Do you see two suggestions with the same person for the same rideshare?
That's all right. If you created a rideshare as a driver and your match is also a driver, you can choose from being the driver or the passenger. As always, this affects how many points you get and whether you potentially have a small detour or not.