I want to contact Toogethr Support

The best and fastest way to contact Toogethr Support are:

  • When an operator/Parkres user has a question, they can send an e-mail to support@toogethr.com. Our support-system automatically creates a so-called "ticket", and one of our support specialists will process your ticket as soon as possible.
  • We also have an online FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page. You can find it at support.toogethr.com. On this page, you will find articles that contain all you need to know about Parkres.
  • At support.toogethr.com you can also find our chat (in the bottom right corner). First, our automatic chat-bot will try to help you, and when one of our support specialists is online, the chat-bot will connect you to the live chat.
Our phone number (030-2024590) can only be used in emergency situations. For example when the whole system is down and no one can enter of exit the parking lot.