I'm not getting any points for my rideshares.

In general, you only earn points if your rideshare actually takes place and you drive Toogethr with someone. Hence, you don't earn any points if:

  • ...the person you invited, didn't join your rideshare (in time). Try again and send invitations for several rideshares! Then, the invited person can choose their personal preference!
  • ...Toogethr couldn't find any rideshare partners for you. If you change the timing and route of the rideshare a bit, you might be luckier!
  • ...your rideshare is missing a driver. Even if several colleagues join your rideshare, it is not valid without a driver. Make sure to set your rideshare to "You are driving", if you have a car available and you like to drive!
  • ...the driver and/or passenger(s) didn't check-in for the ride.

Additional reasons might be:

  • You didn't enable GPS.
  • Your rideshare partner(s) canceled the ride on short notice.

If you're still missing points, don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below. We will contact you in a few days.