What is an overflow subscription and how to create it

What is an overflow subscription?
An overflow subscription is a secondary subscription that can be created when a company has enough space to accommodate the "excess" of users that will park there.

Every company has a limited number of parking spaces available, which are regulated by means of the primary subscription. If the primary subscription is full, new parkers will be denied entrance until another person leaves the parking space on that priority subscription. If the parking location has enough space, a secondary subscription can be created, a so-called overflow subscription, with which companies can let their employees park even though the capacity is exceeded.

How to create an overflow subscription
Creating an overflow subscription is basically the same as creating a regular subscription. The only difference is that you give the overflow subscription the name of the primary subscription with the addition Overflow. (Example: the primary subscription is called "Demo users", then you name the overflow subscription "Demo users - overflow").

Linking an overflow subscription to a user:
When you have created an overflow subscription for a certain company, it is important that the users also have this subscription linked to their accounts. You can read how to link a subscription to a user here.