Why does the driver get more points than the passenger(s)?

Both the driver and the passenger earn points for the number of CO2-emissions that they save:

  • When a passenger joins a rideshare, he or she avoids going alone by car. Hence, every passenger receives points corresponding to the distance of the rideshare.
  • When a driver picks up one or several passengers, he or she helps to avoid each passenger going alone by car. Hence, every driver receives the points that each passenger receives multiplied by the number of passengers. 

An example:

  • Jan (driver) and Kees share a ride. It's a ride of 25 min (+/- 30km) for which both will receive 8 points.
  • Jan (driver), Kees & Tim share a ride. Again, it's a ride of 25 min. Kees and Tim will receive 8 points each, whereas Jan will receive 16 points (amount of points (8) x number of passengers (2)).