Why do I need to enable GPS and how does Toogethr use my GPS signal?

We ask you to turn on GPS to validate your rides. We also need this information to validate your orders in our webshop. The points you save are worth money. We validate the rides to determine whether the points were rightly obtained.

What data do we use:

  • Departure location(s)
  • Location during ride
  • Arrival location(s)

Once we have validated the ride, we anonymize the ride data and add the data to the community's total data. We then remove the above-mentioned data from our system. We emphasize that we only use GPS information for validation purposes and information for the specific community and that this data is not shared with your employer or with third parties.

Note: we only get your GPS-data when you've started a ride. We do not get GPS data from your device when you have not started a ride.