My bicycle ride isn't registered (correctly)

Unfortunately, it can happen sometimes that a ride is not registered at all or only a part of it. This can have a few causes:
  • Your phone doesn't have a stable internet connection during the ride
  • The GPS settings aren't set correctly (read here how to set your GPS settings)
  • Another app, like Strava or Wahoo, is using GPS as well, and prevents us from using your location at the same time. Try using only one tracking app at a time.
  • Your phone is in battery saving mode (this prevents the app from receiving the correct GPS location and therefore the app can't track your ride correctly)
  • Upon arrival at your final location (home/work), your phone automatically switches from mobile internet to wifi or vice versa. When that happens, there is no stable internet connection for a very short time and the app can sometimes struggle with this and discard the ride. For now, we advise you to turn off the wifi when you make a ride. The developers are working hard to build in a function that saves the ride when there is no internet connection (or the phone switches networks) and that the app sends the ride as soon as there is a stable connection again.
Did you check your internet connection, GPS settings, and battery saving mode and still have problems? Please fill in the form below. Be as specific as you possibly can and make sure to upload a screenshot if this helps to explain your problem. We will contact you in a few days!

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